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Coronavirus – Covid 19 Update for 02/28/2020


This is Coronavirus 4-1-1.  The latest Coronavirus info for Tuesday February 18th, 2020.  The number of global cases rises to 73,400, with 1,873 deaths according to CNN.  With cases outside of mainland China nearing the 1000 mark.  In the U.S., the CDC says there are 60 cases pending under investigation in 42 states.  The U.S. number of cases stands at 29.  NBC News reports the head of a hospital in Wuhan passed at the age of 51.  He was the 9th known medical personnel to pass after contracting the disease in while working to fight it in mainland China.  The New York Times reports Australia, Canada and Hong Kong are working to evacuate citizens from The Diamond Princess, docked near Yokohama Japan.  There have been 542 cases confirmed on the ship.  The quarantine is set to end tomorrow.  Passengers who have tested negative and show no symptoms, will be checked one final time by an infrared camera before they are allowed to leave.  U.S. citizens who remained on the ship will not be allowed back in the U.S. until March 4th.

The locations of U.S. and country diagnoses in a moment.

There are 29 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. The locations for the 14 new cases have not yet been released.  Known locations are as follows: Arizona:  1 in Maricopa County  California:  2 in San Benito County, 2 in Santa Clara County, 2 in San Diego County, 1 in Los Angeles County 1 in Orange County.  Illinois:  2 in Cook County   Massachusetts:  1 in Suffolk County  Texas:  1 in Bexar County  Washington State:  1 in Snohomish County   Wisconsin:  1 in Dane County 

Global cases outside of China:

Australia 15, Belgium 1, Cambodia 1, Canada 7, Egypt 1, Finland 1, France 12, Germany 16, India 3, Italy 3, Japan 59, Malaysia 22, Nepal 1, Philippines 3, Republic of Korea 31, Russian Federation 2, Singapore 75, Spain 2, Sri Lanka 1, Sweden 1, Thailand 35, United Arab Emirates 9, United Kingdom 9, Viet Nam 16,

Another Coronavirus 411 update daily or as news breaks.  Find the latest information at C-D-C dot GOV-slash-Coronavirus or ask your smart speaker for “The Coronavirus 4-1-1 Podcast”.

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